Who We Are

MMG Holdings is one of the Middle East’s leading facility management companies, offering expertise in facility management, property management, energy services, and Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing home services. Since its launch in 1999, MMG has expanded across the region, offering a total integrated solution for all your facility needs.

Property Masters Group (PMG), a subsidiary of MMG, handles multi-tenancy commercial and residential properties’ co-ownership, inspection, supervision, administration, procurement, financial and legal services.

Property Management Services

What do we offer you?

We conduct regular site visits to your property to inspect and report the exact status, using state of the art application, iAuditor, with instant reporting features to make sure that you are informed and updated on all aspects related to your property.

Moreover, our call center for emergency calls responds to your complaints and requests 24/7.

Here are the most important questions you need to ask and that we address with our service:

Are all Co-owners aware and well-informed of their property main decisions, rules and regulations?

We are giving you peace of mind by handling all internal and external communication to coordinate with all parties (governmental bodies, suppliers, and subcontractors) to ensure the smooth processing of all administrative activities.

We also keep you updated with rules and regulations regarding your property and ensure you are aware and well-informed of all the main decisions.

Is your property general assembly meeting legally compliant?

Our legal services include studying the internal statute of the property and safeguarding the interest of the owner.

We prepare and handle general assembly meetings, and assist in sending arrears and legal warnings to any Co-owner not complying with the bylaws of the property or not settling their yearly financial obligations.

Are your property financials 100% compliant?

We provide you with comprehensive accounting services by handling your yearly provisional budgets, collection of co-owners’ financial obligations, suppliers and subcontractors’ timely payment.

PMG uses a specialized internationally used Property Management software (MyStrata) that helps Property Managers, Co-Owners, Tenants, and Committee Members to stay updated with real time property financials. We ensure all co-owners are paying their dues by following up using the latest applications (Mystrata), and giving you access to your online statement, receipts and expenditures online (MyCommunity Mobile application).


Are your getting the best value for money?

Our procurement services are specially made to ensure you get the best value for money with no additional cost charged.

We supply the co-owners with a complete comparative document that facilitates decision taking regarding any bid/quotation.

Procurement includes consumables, various purchases, mobilization, supervision and control of the quality of works executed.

Do you have access to info on demand?

PMG uses one of the most advanced property management software: Mystrata, a sophisticated system that was created to involve the clients and tenants with property management. It is tailored for use by property owners, co-owners’ association members and tenants.

You, as a tenant or resident, can monitor all the updates, operations, works, and accounting transactions that are happening in your building with just a click of a button. You can learn more about its features by installing My Community app on your smartphone.

For property managers, Mystrata can be used as an innovative communication and marketing tool.


Is your insurance policy covering all property risks?

As consultants, we provide co-owners with advice on the most appropriate insurance coverage for your property by submitting three quotations from highly reputable and reliable insurance companies.